September 15, 2009 – Minutes of Meeting

Attendance: 7 people. Chaired by Jean Wyenberg. Start: 7:00 PM.


  1. Minutes of Aug meeting were reviewed:
    a. Sheila L will order new pager;
    b. Alexandra Morton’s visit date TBD.
  2. Regular monthly meetings will be the second Wednesday in the month at the Rollo Centre at 7 P.M.
  3. Web Promo: It is planned to consist of postcards, posters and newspaper articles with an estimated cost of $150. Attendees at the meeting were asked to select two pictures from the website and forward to the directors for consideration. The posters will feature the final selection.
  4. Website update. Dar will be undertaking website management with as-needed assistance from Mark Hendricks. Dar will start with a planned twice-a-month upload of material onto the website.
  5. Homeopathies. Rescuers will be asked if they have used the homeopathies provided in their kit. If they are not being used we will discontinue the spring resupply. Action Sheila L.
  6. Membership Fees. A Lifetime membership fee will be introduced. It is hoped those people who show their support of GROWLS by becoming paid members will then be interested enough to follow the organization’s development and participate with a voting right. Dar will research cards/cost.
  7. Case Studies. Sheila L. presented the monthly case study report for 14 August until 15 September. It is shown at the end of these Minutes.
  8. WRNBC. A visit to The Small Species Sanctuary will be offered to Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of BC attendees at the AGM being held at The Haven in March 2010. Attention Nikki Westarp
  9. Norm Snihur. Norm will be undertaking medical treatment and will not be able to fly approximately October until next spring/summer. A card will be sent from GROWLS
  10. New Directors are actively being sought. Jean is coordinating the effort.
  11. Liability Insurance. Liability insurance for directors is not available under the current designation of GROWLS (being a registered charity). We are in the research/planning stages to become a registered “society” and therefore eligible for liability insurance. Jane Giffin will research our options.
  12. Small Species Sanctuary (SSS). Lawrence Mayles has proposed, the SSS and GROWLS coordinate a spring fundraiser/potluck at the SSS. Members present approved the idea and will hold further discussion at upcoming meetings.
  13. Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 14 at the Rollo Centre 7 p.m. Imelda Cuthbertson and Margaret Taylor will give a presentation of their Black-tailed Deer Study completed in 2001 for The Ministry of Environment under the guidance of Dr. Helen Schwantje, Wildlife Veterinarian.

    14. Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m.

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